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About Glee

Glee lives in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  He is a special reindeer who was hand picked by Santa to take care of the world's Christmas trees. 

As a calf, Glee always had different interests.  Although he enjoyed playing reindeer games, he loved to wonder through the forest looking at evergreen trees.  Glee especially loved the pine, spruce, and fir trees that are often shaped and cut down for Christmas.  His favorite tree, the Douglas-fir, starts as a small seed inside a cone and can grow as high as 390 feet (120 metres) tall.  When it is sheared and trimmed, it makes perfectly shaped Christmas trees of all sizes.  Everyone at the North Pole, including Santa, were fascinated by Glee's love and knowledge of the Christmas tree.  The Christmas tree shaped birthmark on his bottom was further proof that this white reindeer was born to take care of Christmas trees. 

When Glee was older, he left the North Pole and now resides in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  Indiana, PA and its surrounding county is known as the Christmas Tree Capital of the World.  This title comes from the large number of Christmas trees that are still grown here and the first Christmas Tree Growers Association was founded here.  Glee travels from Christmas tree farm to Christmas tree farm making sure the trees grow perfectly. 

As the trees come inside and are decorated for the holiday season, Glee follows the trees to your home.  He loves to hide in your house and watch to see if the boys and girls are using good manners and using good behavior.  Glee takes notes on what he sees, good and not so good, and gives the notes to Santa.  When Christmas day arrives Glee returns to the Christmas tree fields to get the trees ready for next year.  He has been known to pop into homes from time to time to check on all the boys and girls.  After all, boys and girls need to grow perfectly too.

Glee's Birthday: July 12th
College: Indiana University of PA
Major: Dendrology
Favorite Vacation Spot: Any Beach
Favorite Game: Hide and Go Seek

Favorite Book: Santa's Glee
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Cookie: Chocolate Chip & Carrot Cookie